Get Involved

Get Involved

Together, Norman can move forward and improve our quality of life. That’s why so many groups and individuals successfully petitioned the City Council and worked with our leaders to bring this package to a vote.

What you can do:
  • Mark your calendar and remember to vote YES on Tuesday, October 13.
  • Commit to get 5 friends to vote YES on Tuesday, October 13.
  • Fill out our volunteer card to request a yard sign, volunteer your time or add your name to our list of supporters.
  • Make a contribution online or fill out the contributor card and send your donation to: Fowler Holding C/O Norman Forward, 2721 36th Ave., NW, Norman, 73072
  • Find other ways to help, or have your questions answered, by emailing

VOLUNTEER EFFORTS: We need your help! 

Sunday, Oct. 4
Sunday, Oct. 11
Tuesday, Oct. 13 

Don’t forget to VOTE YES on October 13, 2015.

“I encourage all citizens of Norman to exercise their freedom and vote on October 13. Together, we can continue our momentum and make Norman an even better place to live. I’ll be voting YES and hope you do too.”  
~ Mayor Cindy Rosenthal